Friday, April 20, 2012

Working Hard?

Welcome to Friday, everyone! The weekend is about to start, and I plan on churning out several new pieces. My lampwork beads that I mentioned in my last entry have arrived and they are all so cute! My other order of the glow in the dark beads should be here by tomorrow, hopefully.

As for today, I will be showing what I have posted since Wednesday!

Starting off, I have this cool little mushroom necklace:

There are a few reasons I love this necklace. First and foremost, it reminds me of Mario's power up mushroom! You know, the one that makes him bigger? I put dark blue hemp with this mushroom to coincide with Mario's colors.

AND, this necklace is very special because it GLOWS IN THE DARK! In the mushroom and the closure bead are little tiny pieces of glow in the dark frit. This means that when you expose this necklace's beads to light, it will glow in the dark!

Next up, is a listing I have renewed:
A large red macrame owl:

If you remember anything about the 70s then this guy will bring back memories! I made this out of 3 mm hemp that was originally a natural color. I dyed it, by hand, the lovely red you see here. I macrame'd him using this red hemp, sticks I found, and wooden beads. He's a great companion for your door or wall!

Yin & Yang/Dark & Light Dog Leash:

Hey, all you pet owners out there! This is a wonderful stylish leash for your dog or even a horse! Made with 2 mm hemp and brown and cream beads, this leash is 5 ft. long, perfect for walking your dog!

Green 1 UP Necklace:

This is like my first necklace, the Mario, but this one is green with green hemp. This necklace ALSO glows in the dark!

An orange hemp red heart necklace:

This necklace is so vibrant and full of energy! With its bright orange hemp and brilliant heart, it's sure to win your heart, too.

A pink heart necklace:

This is an interesting necklace because of the intricate swirls of gold glitter in the heart. It is made out of pink hemp and is very feminine and pretty.

Don't forget! I'm still having a giveaway on my →Facebook Page← so click to "like" my page and earn a chance to win a large natural macrame owl! I will hold a random drawing when my fan base on Facebook reaches 100 fans!

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