Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Items and Supplies From Etsy!

I've been very motivated! So, instead of waiting till next week to post, I decided to break it down into a more manageable chunk.

The past three days I have posted on Etsy:

A brown hemp necklace with a green glass heart:

A brown and pink striped spiral hemp necklace with a frosted glass pink heart:

A brown and blue striped spiral hemp necklace with a glass foil blue heart:

A black and green hemp necklace with a green glass heart with black spots:

A red and black striped spiral hemp necklace with a unique red and black glass heart

A yellow and orange hemp owl necklace that has glow in the dark eyes:

I also ordered some supplies from two shops on Etsy. Check them out!

First is:

I ordered these round glow in the dark beads:

And these glow in the dark heart beads:

Then, there's:

I ordered 10 of these cute little pumpkins:

20 of these chili peppers:

10 of these pretty lampwork hearts:

And 10 of these adorable lampwork pandas:

All of these for a really good price! So, check out their stores for awesome beads and more!

Also, check out my store to see what I make out of my supplies!

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  1. Thnak you for including supplies from my shop on Etsy! Awsome blog!!!

  2. Thanks for creating this nice blog and featuring some of Urban Homesteaders' beads!